About Us

We are committed to providing a comprehensive service with affordable high quality, developmental and educational child care and early learning to your community. You must feel highly confident about entrusting your children to our care.

Our goals for children in our care

  • To provide a safe, happy and healthy environment, which recognises the special needs and talents of individual children through the employment of caring, qualified staff.
  • To ensure that all aspects of each child’s developmental needs are programmed for and periodically assessed.

Our goals for our families

  • To provide basic support to families through the provision of high quality care, resources and education.
  • To involve parents in decision making about centre policy development, staffing, and general centre management to as great a degree as possible.
  • To provide services to families with different economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, preventing segregation on the basis of any of these factors, and always respecting the individual rights of all families.
  • To support regulations governing children’s services.

Our goals for our staff

  • To promote ongoing training and professional enrichment to all staff with opportunities for career advancement wherever possible.
  • To provide secure, supported employment through sound industrial rights, conditions and personal practices.

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Our goals for our community

  • To research and plan for children’s services.
  • To promote community awareness and understanding of quality children’s services.
  • To liaise with Federal, State and Local Government regarding funding, licensing, guidelines and responsibilities.
  • To provide children’s services which are accountable to users, and responsive to their needs and the needs of the local community.

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